Haig Glacier 2017

The Haig Glacier base camp was created for the Canadian National team after the Calgary Olympics as a high altitude on snow summer training venue. Over the years Canadian and U.S. junior athletes have had the opportunity to experience this unparalleled training opportunity during the warmest months of the year. In combination with the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation and a mixed bag of other IMD teams, athletes not only had the opportunity to train with their top competitors, but played a part in raising the bar of what Intermountain and National level junior athletes are capable of attaining.

These athletes put in 25-30 hours of training in one week that include on snow technical and tactical training, strength training at base camp, running, ski walking, and hiking. No cell phone service and no internet translated to time well spent on training, resting, spending time with fellow nordies, and soaking up the Canadian Rockies.

This camp is not only unparalleled beauty, adventure and volume, it takes a tremendous amount of focus and awareness to balance a 30 hour weekly training plan. Beyond the stress of immediately jumping back into on snow training after spending an entire summer of roller-skiing and other dry-land activities but also knowing your training zones and sticking to those zones, being aware of your nutritional habits, and staying cognizant of rest and recovery are all components that are required of a mature athlete to thrive at such a camp.

This camp is a highlight of each summer and IMD looks forward to it every year!

Haig AB.jpeg